Metta World Peace admitted to amnesty practice correct jokingly Kobe Bryant is loser

In the Los Angeles lakers amnesty after a week, when in a “Home and Family” program, Metta World Peace again when it comes to play in the lakers’ career, he said the amnesty, he is the “correct decision”, and teasing kobe Bryant is a “loser”.
Metta World Peace first said he was lucky and the New York knicks signed a $3.2 million contract, 2 years before the player called “RON – RON artest had been living in New York.
The lakers chose an amnesty artest, saves about $15 million in luxury taxes. Metta World Peace said about it, the lakers made the “smart” choice. “I think this is a good action.” Metta World Peace said, “if I am a franchise player, might be different. But I’m not, they must make the decision.”
In the lakers, Dwight Howard left Metta World Peace by amnesty, the lakers’ defense might have been a big impact. Last season, the lakers were swept out the SAN Antonio spurs in the first round.
For Metta World Peace personal, last season he made progress in many ways, is averaging 12.4 points, is the highest in the four seasons with the lakers. But in the case of damage to his left knee, he performed poorly in the playoffs, averaging only get 6 points, shooting just forty percent.

Kobe Bryant next summer recruit personally huang zhan the lakers sign Anthony and lebron

Lakers management is planning to pursuit in the summer of lebron James and carmelo Anthony, their goal is to get at least one of the stars, it is best to signing James huang and “melon” at the same time. It is worth mentioning that kobe Bryant will personally participate in the recruitment.
Next summer, James will have the right to terminate the present contract, Cameron can also waive the option contract, so that two people will become a free agent. In addition, dwyane wade, amare stoudemire and Chris bosh have the right to terminate the contract ahead of time, while luol deng, granger, as described and dirk nowitzki will be completely free agent.
There is little doubt that lebron will be the lakers’ next summer’s number one goal. Looked from the present situation, the possibility of the heat the big three summer next year apart is very big, if zijin legion “future team core” to lure James, that no one can sure the latter will be rejected.
At present, lebron James and carmelo Anthony have not to think about the whereabouts of the next summer. But Cameron side a friend tells a reporter, “melon” next summer jump out of the contract the possibility is very big, and he and Bryant’s personal, so to the lakers’ is not a fable.
“The lakers won’t spend heavily to signings this summer, they salary will try my best to save space, and next summer to introduce two top players at the same time. It looked a little inconceivable, but their management is indeed going to like this.” An anonymous source said.
In an interview last week, Bryant has hinted he will again play on two or three years, and are willing to pay cuts and the franchise. According to the “Peter pan”, in recent days, he held several communication and management, and promised to personally go to recruit top players next summer, thus to find the right successor for himself.
Today an interview with ESPN, Bryant admits he will be the next summer signings of one of the key decision makers, and are willing to personally to help zijin legion to lobby their potential targets. “I made open communication and team management, they hope I join next summer signings think-tank.” Kobe Bryant said.
This summer, Bryant who participated in the lakers recruiting Howard’s action, but ultimately failed to succeed. “Warcraft” publicly admitted afterwards, and kobe Bryant playing together is a “very difficult”.
As is known to all, the relationship between kobe Bryant and lebron James is not good, or even a pair of life and death friends. A lot of people are worried about, because of the existence of kobe Bryant, can lead to lebron James refused to go to Los Angeles to play. If kobe next summer to invite James joining the lakers, how will the results?

Kobe Bryant to attend basketball camps to teach players show taskmaster

Kobe Bryant(Kobe Bryant Shoes) recently in kobe in 2013 at the university of California, Santa Barbara, in his basketball training camp, Bryant during hands-on guide small player skill. Photos in Bryant’s left ankle with muscle still stick to protect, he wore sneakers is low to help design originally, but now he wears tailor-made help version, purpose is to protect ankle.

Los Angeles lakers official contract team striker on the bench he absolutely better than wow

Today is the day of signing NBA official opening and trading, the Los Angeles lakers officially announced that the team has no. 60 to last year’s rookie Robert – thackeray complete contract, did not disclose specific amount.
As the last final draft convention was called to the name of player, thackeray as expected and not get too many chances. Throughout the season, he has 32 appearances for the lakers, averaging only 1.3 points and 1.1 rebounds and 0.3 blocked shots. Because the lakers insider once a crisis of choose and employ persons, thackeray had appeared in the team line-up, 3 times the three games he’s performance is not satisfactory, averaging only 6.6 points and three rebounds and two blocks per game.
The lakers last season is printing center Dwight Howard has determined will switch to the Houston rockets, though so far hasn’t officially sign the contract on both sides, but lakers fans expect miracles can hardly happen. The NBA lakers and thackeray is introduced when we renewed the contract also opened a small joke. Here they wrote: “the lakers and the team center renewal. Unfortunately, not Howard.”
Thackeray’s strength, although no Howard but his passion for the game is still positive. The lakers last season, we have countless times see thackeray in the bench cheering for the team in the scene, he waved the enthusiasm of the towel also brought a lot of energy to the team. Will be in next season, the lakers’ kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and pau gasol three veteran led to defend the honor, determined to continue to stay thackeray has hope than get more playing time last season.

Tony parker: I don’t care about Bryant Howard contradiction became stronger

Tony parker told reporters to visit the headquarters of the peak and yesterday, he say: “don’t care about kobe Bryant and Howard , the feud between Mr Howard joined the rockets, indeed let Houston stronger.”
First came to parker of quanzhou in quanzhou first expressed, “the city is very beautiful, this time I went to several cities are very special, and quanzhou is also very impressive.”
Howard joining the rockets aroused wide attention from all walks of life, also make the competitiveness of western Tony parkersaid: “the NBA is a liquidity strong alliance, has been very fierce competition, Howard joining the rockets really became stronger, but I only pay attention to our team, we have a coach gregg popovich, have very good chemistry, we can remain competitive.”
There are a lot of rumors about kobe Bryant Howard don’t, when parker heard reporters to ask this question, immediately interrupted to ask questions and said: “I don’t care about gossip, also don’t care about the relationship between kobe and Dwight Howard.”
In recent years, the rise of the NBA has a large number of outstanding point guard, who is one of the best sports cars in France heart young point guard? Parker: “there are so many outstanding point guard in the NBA, kyle – Owen in the younger generation is more outstanding. Stephen curry is one of the best young point guard, he had a frontal crazy every night, I think he represents the level of the top NBA point guard.”

Away Howard is kobe Bryant the lakers keep the giants the bottom line

Many fans believe that kobe Bryant in the lakers’ dominance, expelled by Howard, but in fact, Howard would not stay on the main causes of the lakers coach mike d ‘antoni. The always indecisive star center have to mike d ‘antoni, public attitude is just the inconvenience. Howard had suggested many times, such as during a season about his hands without the ball, such as season, please advice the lakers back into the “zen master”. After at the rockets announced decision, Howard specially emphasized the rockets coach Kevin McHale is an excellent coach, to help him improve the low technology and tactics. Don’t forget that the rockets with hakeem olajuwon and often he yao.
Fans exaggerated Howard and kobe Bryant are not compatible, but one season in the Los Angeles lakers, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash (microblogging) didn’t roll up, it was bought from kobe Bryant and his pick-and-roll, behind is the record of the improvement. For Howard, if even Bryant all abandon you, why want to harden? So, the reason why he left the lakers, just need a can attach their low value of the coach, this is not a coach mike d ‘antoni. Howard participated in the 2006 world championships and Olympic Games in Beijing, assistant coach of team USA have mike d ‘antoni, according to Howard, d ‘antoni only job is to remind of the national team: “old K” should be replaced with bosh by now.
Even in the eyes of lakers fans, d ‘antoni is also a lightning rod, drive less, why the lakers are stubborn, in order to a not popular with the fans of the coach, would rather lose an all-star center and the future of the lakers? Obviously, the fans and lakers management from two different perspectives of the coach. In the fan heart, the core character of the team is star, the coach’s role is less important; In team management view, the coach on the band, as it is a good musician, too into the command of the score. The lakers last season at the beginning of reversed course and seeing the d ‘antoni’s offense is a style, they think that conform to the trend of contemporary basketball offensive.
Envy him the lakers to retain Howard, mobility, power and defense, when used in conjunction with properly, it is the most conforms to the trend of contemporary basketball center. But as a team won the championship 10 times in the past 33 years of giants, the lakers have their own bottom line –, the direction of the team not to star for the individual’s will. For this, even eaten kui: kobe Bryant after shaq left, kobe was once thought that the lakers can according to their own intend to form a team, even hope deals, but got no joy from the top, so that make a “forced” event. In fact eventually succumb or kobe Bryant, and he did not expect the lakers acquired pau gasol, and added two champion ring for him. Bryant has insight into this club now, whenever great things happen, he never betting and high-level, including at the beginning of last season, then underachievement swept in coach.
Howard turned away, delayed the plan to kobe Bryant to win champion, the reconstruction of schedule by the summer of 2014. Kobe Bryant is so cancel the attention to Howard’s Twitter angrily, because he greatly reduced his hopes for the rest of the title of the index. For contract team now eight lock, there is little chance to get good grades next season, but this time next year, the lakers on paper Nash was left a person (not including the complement of candidates in the next two months). As giants, the reconstruction of the lakers won’t begin from train youth players, will be to the price of Bryant as signs, to form another luxury lineup.
And Howard made a satisfactory choice, the rockets like a lottery to get him, will meet his ideal, so the rocket team will become another magic – the paint is given priority to with him, outside the top three rank the NBA [microblogs], if they can have enough pitching. Best is east champion of the magic, but it is the east of four years ago. If the rockets want to dominate in the west, not only to keep the magic of perimeter offense, to harden into high quality version of the global – test scores came down, and assists than up. Morey is the most good at is little-known players through the computer software to form the most efficient team, how to deal with the star combination and the contradiction between computer software, morey is the biggest challenge.
$30 million, ‘said Paul Howard, he go to bet on a championship. Casino risk is huge, you know in NBA history, before the age of 28 in among the thousands of players of three teams, only five eventually entered the “hall of fame”, one of only two won a title.

Kobe Bryant: the spurs win almost inspire me as can be a great old guy

SAN Antonio, news media, his old? The lakers old? Kobe Bryant don’t think so, especially when the distance he could see the spurs team s fifth champions league so close at hand, he felt sorry for the spurs the old guys, at the same time, he said, this will be motivated to keep striving on it.
Finals game 6 this year, the spurs are five points ahead while in the final 28.2 seconds, distance championship really is only one step away; 7 they also start to lead, once had touch to the o ‘brien cup edge. Can these two games, they finally defeat, can only watched James with Miami on the highest podium. Kobe Bryant watched the finals, he GDP, sorry for the spurs, because they are very close very close to victory. But more importantly, he believes that although no longer young, but old heads also can do some amazing feats.
“The history of the spurs so close to the fifth, crowns, and it makes me feel a little sad,” Bryant said. “they played great, they really, really just a little bit, and I hope that I can win on the road have been go on.”
Bryant believes that although the SAN Antonio spurs, but on the other hand, it inspires him. “This is a proof about technical ability, to those of us who are old guy, if you can surmount, if we can belief, with the same goal, so we still can do some great thing,” Bryant said. “for me, for in the city of Los Angeles, for our management, it is very encouraging, inspire us to do something. Shifting situation, we are looking forward to, the next time the (win) of the parade.”
Having said that, but for kobe Bryant, now is the most important task is to recover, after all, his ankle is still in recovery, if you want to recover as soon as possible, to get back as soon as possible, now the rest is the key, after all, he is 35 years old. In addition for the lakers, now the most important thing is to compete for Howard, as to whether to follow the spurs hale and hearty, so far at least, but it’s only for dreams of the future.

Recruitment of warcraft will live Kobe Bryant put malicious words: let me teach you how to win

In the Los Angeles lakers team meeting with Dwight Howard, as the absolute leader in the team, (microblogging) – kobe Bryant to the “warcraft” sends a very clear message: let me teach you how to be a championship player.
“The first thing you need to learn how to get a championship, and I can teach you here!” According to the witness at the scene to participate in the talks, Bryant told Howard said at the meeting.
In fact, kobe Bryant in the meeting and didn’t try to appease Howard’s mood, but with a way to challenge and motivate who choose to stay, he wants to try to Howard as a member of the team under pressure, and accept their (kobe Bryant) control.
As a 5 NBA championship winner, Bryant insists he every day to encourage Howard, because in his view, between the Los Angeles lakers with Dwight Howard this need is mutual.
“I know how to win the championship, because I also am such coming all the way, and from some of the most excellent, won a lot of players championship trophy there constantly learning.” Bryant told Howard at the meeting, “don’t try to blindly according to their own ideas to do, but should listen to the opinions of others and constantly adjust their more, until you find the most suitable for your way.”
, Howard after finished meeting of five teams, has and agent team departs for Colorado, at the same time, he will make the final decision in these two days.
Reviewing this past season, Howard’s achievements after joining the lakers, and the cooperation between he and kobe Bryant are not able to let a person feel satisfied, and the relationship between two people had become very subtle, Howard that childish and serious attitude of the kobe Bryant is obvious.
In fact before Dwight Howard joining the lakers, he and kobe Bryant has reservations about going on the cooperation between both sides. Especially when the lakers are poor performance continues after the first part of the season, the contradiction and conflict between the two people become more evident.
If the meeting between became the lakers with Dwight Howard to say goodbye, so Bryant has put its attitude, belief and accurate ways to tell the “warcraft”.

Kobe Bryant park swim meet man make track for a star Johnson abandoned his girlfriend find their photos

Kobe Bryant appeared on the world’s largest theme park chain “six flag” (SixFlags), by the raptors specialist amir Johnson enthusiasm make track for a star, the original amir Johnson came to see his former girlfriend, but to see kobe Bryant, Johnson will forget about his girlfriend, directly towards the photo — Peter o
To choose between girlfriend and kobe Bryant, you will have what kind of action? When the problem facing the amir Johnson, he chose to kobe Bryant. And he also on my twitter it will say it out, “when I went to 6 flag, I am going to see my former girlfriend, but there I met kobe.” On its twitter so amir Johnson wrote.
Kobe Bryant, can meet amir Johnson felt very happy, so he ran to kobe Bryant, directly and take photos with the lakers’ star. In published a photo of Johnson and kobe Bryant embraced together, both were dressed in t-shirts, and smile.
Expert Ben cut d see the cause of the whole thing after, can’t help exclamation: “life is so not fair!” This seems to be for Johnson’s former girlfriend – but also from the side reflects the charm of kobe Bryant can’t block.

Kobe Bryant revealed swearing refuses to accept the old: I peak there are at least three years

Kobe Bryant can play how long? This has always been the concern of topic, Beijing time on July 2, told the Los Angeles lakers team reporter Michael rudder’s interview, xia revealed a swearing, he calls his peak also has at least three years.
In more than a month,Kobe Bryant will be over the age of 35, after stepping into the age group, most of the players also began to at the end of his career, but kobe Bryant is always one who is not willing to agree, as a reporter selling again the topic of “how long can play,” Peter also appears some nu. “I feel great now, I’m XX the confidence to oneself, I know I also has at least three years of high level state!”
Kobe clearly implies, your career will continue a few years, and at last season, he also has been reiterated that will announce his retirement in 2013-14 season, but in the recent years, some emergencies also let kobe changed his original intention, his torn ankle at the end of the regular season last season and the season, the lakers eventually cowardly way to end season; While the heat win two successive championships and James to further stimulate the Peter pan. To give kobe Bryant is his last career objective – to try to compete for a championship.
“I just want to believe, in the near future, I can through their own efforts to win a championship ring again.” Kobe Bryant said.
For the lakers, Peter is still full of confidence, but now zijin legion is faced with a series of problems, they find it hard to leave Dwight Howard, once to leave of warcraft, the lakers will probably open a plan B, they are likely to take too much during the 2013-14 season mode, if Howard does not renew the contract, the lakers’ payroll can probably stay at around $82 million, at the same time, the team can take some measures to lay off some of the players, or do some transactions to further cut payroll.
After get it a year later, the lakers next summer under contract of Nash is the only one, the enough space would be to recruit at random in the free market, not out zijin legion will tempt lebron James and carmelo Anthony and other big-name players.
If kobe next season in good condition, he fully expected to renew with zijin legion success, once Peter have another superstar duos, the lakers are expected to have stormed to a higher goal, perhaps this is why kobe Bryant is willing to delay retirement, because before long, he was able to lead the comeback. With kobe Bryant’s personality, don’t get the sixth champions league, he would never leave.